December 26, 2014


"My upcoming second Christmas, I don’t even remember what I did last year
That’s how boring and uneventful that day was" - JK lyrics

I remember last year around this time I wrote a post about why Christmas is losing its actual meaning for me. Now I realized that I've deleted that post, uh wanted to link it. Anyway I'm glad I did, it was too negative and I want this place to be on the positive note ^~^

Even though this might not be the most cheerful post ever, but I will try to be on that note as much as I can.

Merry Christmas lovely people~! \('▿')/

To us it didn't feel festive until 2 days before Christmas when we got a small fake Christmas tree and then decided to be more cheerful and put up Christmas lights. It felt a bit better but still not as I remember.

This year money was a problem, so I had to think wise because I sure didn't want to leave most precious people in my life with nothing. As it is said, it's the thought that counts~ So why not make cupcakes? (Yup, lack of time also) And for my dearest family, I decided to bake cinnamon rolls which, I'm surprised, came out pretty well and my mom couldn't stop asking me if I really made them myself. (Yes mum, I did!)

We gathered, we ate, we communicated, we had a pretty fun time. Got home, went to bed. Woke up. Just like that, woke up. I remember Christmas night being one of the biggest miracles for me. Now I just went to bed and woke up. We gathered once again, gave little ones their presents, helped them enjoy their presents and when we all started saying our good-byes, we both took our wrapped somethings and got back home. I didn't expect anything special nor that I got the one thing I hoped for.

I guess I should be sad. But I'm not. This whole Christmas period made me think a lot and now I just appreciate the time I can spend with my family. Living just with my brother made me much more independent but also let me know what it's like to miss your family. I'm glad I got to spend some time with them, even though it wasn't quality time. I kept denying this fact, but family is important.

OH! There is ONE thing that made this Christmas amazing and really made us feel the holiday vibes! Guess whaaaaat! It's Harry Potter, ehehehe. I love it so much that I persuaded my brother to come watch the whole story with me and he got so caught up too! We watched 4 movies in 2 days and we ain't stoppin until Harry defeats Him Who Must Not Be Named~
ᕙ (°̀▭°́)ᕗ

This season I'm thankful to my close friends who accidentally, not knowing it themselves, make me feel better and bring back the joy of life to me. I am also very thankful to have such support like my brother and my mom who, I know, would support the craziest ideas of mine. Despite of these things, right now I am most thankful to the Universe for turning my little world upside down and letting me acknowledge some things which now are a part of my life and guide me through all good and bad. This little accident helped me find amazing people and even make friends! Never have I thought...

Looks like it's all that I've experienced this season! Though I received a lot, I hope I gave a lot, too. This now became one of the main goals of mine and I'm learning, I'm trying and I'm happy while doing it.

One more thing real quick! I think this year a miracle actually happened. What WHat wHat WHAt WHATTTTT???? Nothing! Sounds like I'm exaggerating but believe me, if you had to spend few years without snow on Christmas Eve, when hundreds of  years before it was impossible to survive in the snowstorms, you would feel the same way. Also It wouldn't be such a huge deal for me if it didn't snow exactly on Christmas Eve! Ah made me so so happy~ (っ^▿^)

As you can see, many thoughts encountered my mind and this always gives me some inspiration. I'll now leave this with a small something taken out of my mind. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, I hope everyone is safe and happy, I hope everyone is strong and I hope everyone will become stronger in the next year. We are fighting~

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