November 30, 2014

TOP Artists Right Now

Hi! Hey! Hello!

This time I want to share some music with you. To me, music isn't just for background noise or a way to completely forget everything and relax. Sure, these things do count but for me, music is much more than this. I like music which makes me think. I do think too much, actually, and it can become a struggle even with music but I like when it gets some kind of emotion out of me. I think this is the most important thing and now I want to share a few artists who are able to make me feel a certain way and let out a joyful sigh whenever their songs come on while on shuffle.

Recently I've been listening a lot to:

Bangtan Boys (BTS) / 방탄소년단


I won't comment much here. You should just know that I have at least 2 pages of reasons why I love this. I just do and I'm so so so excited for a new album and upcoming mixtapes!!! *cough*J-Hope*cough*
I also want to point out Let Me Know and Cypher PT.3 : Killer. A+++

Theophilus London
Album: Vibes

Ahhh, once it starts, I get chills. Theophilus is my most recent discovery (thanks to guys mentioned above) and I liked him once I played the first song.

Kendrick Lamar

I loved Kendrick ever since Swimming Pools became a hit and this song has a special place in my heart. It creates some kind of vibe which makes me wanna dance and lay in bed at the same time haha.

Wiz Khalifa
Album: Blacc Hollywood

Same as with Kendrick. I have known these artists for some time but it was just now that I started listening to more of their music.

Chris Brown

The classic, Chris. Loved him, love him and will probably love him in the future. Also these two songs make me either want to curl into my bed and stop breathing for 4 minutes or jam to them until I can't no more.

Maroon 5
Album: V

Okay this is a different genre but MAN IT IS SO GOOD. I never doubted Maroon 5's music and now it blew me away for good!!! Love this whole album but my favorites are It Was Always You and Sugar. Ahhh Adam, your voice!!!

So yay, these are the ones who take up the majority of my playlists. Maybe you didn't find anything new but at least listened to some good music (I hope) ❤(っ^▿^)
Quick post, hope you're all doing well!


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