July 16, 2014

First Photoshoot


Today has been quite busy and challenging for me. Not only I had to walk alot (not to mention my lack of stamina and muscle weakness from not exercising here) but also had to face my first photoshoot. When I was considering getting a camera, I assured myself that I won't be that usual small local photographer who has to promote herself everywhere just to find people to shoot for nothing in return. I just don't feel the need to do photoshoots and I definitely won't be considering myself a photographer. But this time a really good friend approached me and asked to take pictures of her. It ended up being just a friendly request for me to try out the camera and start learning something. So, I just want to share the best pieces, in my opinion, and later compare them to new works for an improvement, hopefully :)

Model: Dominyka

These were taken without any knowledge, so I don't consider them really good technical-wise. After this photoshoot I sucked it up and sat in front my computer, went to my pre-made YouTube playlist and watched a few videos about the basics of photography. Alright, now I know what aperture and shutter speed is (because we all know what ISO is #justsaying)!


Part 2 of the photoshoot! Actually, it was more like a hangout and messing around haha. Although I tried to match up the settings and try to pull this together, I think I failed lol. Practice practice practice!

Out of a whole set of 15 photos...this was ONE NORMAL photo

Models: Dominyka & Ieva

What do you think? :) I cannot tell if there is an improvement or not. Either way, I want opinions!
NOTE: these photos are not edited. They may be blurry or not straight but that's because they're not edited :)


  • I finally created my portfolio website! *boom clap boom boom clap*
    You can visit it by clicking the "PORTFOLIO" link in the menu above or by simply clicking here.
  • I changed my blog address from "the513blog" to "fivethirteenblog". Just didn't feel the numbers.
  • I'm choosing when to publish my posts. Wednesday? Saturday? Sunday?

That's it for today! 
↯See ya soon! ✌

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