July 10, 2014

UNBOXING Canon EOS 100D ft. my lack of skill

Yes yes yes yes yesssss!!! Today I finally got my FIRST friend for life (I hope). This is my first ever camera that I own personally. Though I used to play with my dad's ultra-professional ones but never had the chance to explore further settings as he was constantly concerned about somebody's fingerprints on his lenses (I swear to God that most of the times it wasn't me).
Since I turned 18 last week, this baby was my present and I didn't want anything more. It actually had to come on the 14th but you can't complain that I got it this evening??

Okay, enough talking, let's look at the good stuff!

So first off here we have some user manuals and the CD in the middle which I'll need to configure later in order to let my camera connect to computer via cable.

But we wanna see the camera!!!
Alright alright, let's move on.

Here is the most important thing in the box, nothing matters more. The body and one of the simpliest lenses.
Note: I am such an amateur, I don't know anything about lenses and what those numbers mean and which one is better...
Note 2: I will teach myself those things, I promise. YouTube, Google... They all are in my favor.

So those are 18-55mm IS STM lenses. I know IS stands for "Image Stabilisation" and STM is something about movement? (Had a few secs to read the book about lense, lol). Though I don't fully understand what these qualities are for.

Speaking about lenses, we also bought a filter which is already applied on the lense. I never knew a camera lense had to have a filter on it, my mom surprised me by telling the salesman that she knows it and that we'll buy it. You got me there mom! (By the way, I am confused where to use "lense" and "lenses". Sorry for mistakes, may you correct me in the comments!)

Bo-bo-bodyyyyy. I really like the OFF/ON/VIDEO switch. Since I'll be mainly using this for video, this is so convenient and I just love it! Easy as 123. Oh, I also love that the screen is a touchscreen. I like touchscreens.

Will have to really play with the settings. I'm used to shoot in Auto mode but it's so so so bad, I knoooow. Different scenes require different settings. Will play with that. Oh, besides Auto, I loved Macro focus. I still love it, though. I think macro gives some kind of detail to the picture.

Okay, so this is the full kit. A battery, charger and a power cord, next there's the strap and at the bottom there's a USB cable. Actually, I don't have a full kit! I'm missing a camera bag! I'm choosing between a bag and a backpack. Considering filming in fields and other stupid places, I'm thinking about a bagpack.
I won't get it if it's ugly, though. Style, baby, styleee.

Yeah, had to buy a new SD card. The man told us about the new UHS-I Class 10 cards and that they're the newest and the best because this camera is pretty quick and powerful. Woah, I would've put an old card in the camera and all the footage would've been destroyed. Probably. Genius I am.

Here's my baby! Hope you enjoyed this post, these are my fresh thoughts about the camera. I didn't have time to fully explore it but I will do it any time soon!

↯ See ya soon! ✌

I'm off to watch Doctor House

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