August 31, 2014

Month In Photos

click for full size and expect whole-lot of photos!


I am not that good at editing photos yet but I get really excited when I succeed in creating a preset in Adobe Lightroom! So far I have 3 (such big number wow) and most of these photos have at least one of my presets. Ahhh! *excitement because I really like these photos*

If you’re reading this, props to you for getting through all of the photos! Appreciate it :) Also to be honest, this is my second time posting this entry because the first time it all crashed when I was about to publish… Them technologies, tho. *Update: now to be very honest, this is probably the 5th time*

All good, did it all over again. And as I have mentioned before, this will definitely be my favorite series! Loved every part of the process – from shooting to editing.

Can’t wait for upcoming future projects and photoshoots. Oh and that project I talked about on twitter is finally finished! You’ll get to see it next week :)

↯See ya soon!✌

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