September 25, 2014

5 Tips For Moving From Your Freezing Point

Have you ever had times when you felt frozen into the ground and couldn't move? 
Well, not literallly! It's more like that time in life when you seem to be stuck in one place - not moving forward, nor back - and it is the most frustrating feeling! Am I right or am I right?

I think this is more common between artistic types of people, but I'm pretty sure every one of us at least once had this struggle.

I, myself, have this condition regularly, about once in two months. And oh bruh, it's bad. You just want to crawl in your bed (um, that's basically what always happens, actually), stare blankly at the ceiling and cannot come up with anything. The lack of inspiration is so real at those times!

I recently got past the point of freezing and I am on the cloud nine right now. I thought I would point out a few things which usually help me to get my flow and motivation back! 

1. Make Time To Relax

Maybe you're overworking or maybe you're just stressing yourself by trying to force ideas out of your brain. Whatever's the cause, take a break! Sometimes it's enough to sleep it off and sometimes it needs way more effort. I used to take at least week's time of rest to recreate my mind, body and thoughts. This leads to no. 2...

2. Take A Break To Think

Don't force anything out of yourself, but just take time to think about all that's happening. Where are you going? What do you want from yourself? What do you strive to do/create/accomplish? These questions can really help to boost your motivation as you'll once again see your goals and passions. Things often get lost in our minds because of overworking and it's healthy to constantly remind ourselves why are we doing what we're doing.
BUT avoid overthinking. It is as bad as losing motivation, only that we can control overthinking. It gets us nowhere and just gives more problems that benefits.

3. Explore AKA Find New Source(s) Of Inspiration

Sometimes these things come to you at the most unexpected time! It happened to me recently and now my newest source of inspiration has never been so powerful! Explore, check out new music, new people, new books etc. Something that could get an emotion out of you so you could feel alive again. Most importantly, give everything a chance. Maybe you don't like sci-fi books in general but what if that one particular sci-fi book will spark something in you and change your whole outlook? I know this because it has happened to me. 

4. Trigger A Change

If you froze, there's a possibility you need some changes. Nothing drastic (if you feel the need, go drastic!). I think that sometimes we lose the confidence because we're so used to the process and it gets boring. What can be done about this? Well, anything you can come up with! Maybe change your workplace a bit, add something new to your style, change your hairstyle, take a different route to school/work. Just change something!

5. Move Forward

Paulo Coelho once said - "When in doubt, take the next small step" and this is one of my favorite wall-worthy quotes of all time. And it actually works. Even the smallest step, like writing a title for a new chapter, drawing the first line on a sheet of paper or writing down the stupidest idea, counts. Every action has a reaction and that reaction will probably be a new wave of passion. There's nothing more exciting than getting back to activities you love and believe in. 

These methods work for me personally, but everyone is different, so it might not work for you. 
I still strongly suggest trying them out yourself, though!

Also, do you have your own methods? It's be so cool if you shared your experience because I want to know!

Hope you enjoyed.
↯See ya soon!✌

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