November 15, 2014

Relationship Goals

Hello fellas! I am sorry for taking this far too long but hey~~ I finally finished everything! The design is done! Nothing special though, but I feel like this one expresses me and my blog more accurately. Now you just need to anticipate for upcoming posts and other content J I know that I’m excited~!

As for today’s post, I want to share with you some thoughts of mine about relationships. Sadly, this won’t be about love hehe *experience level: too low*

Ever since I remember myself, I loved people and as creepy as it sounds, I still love watching how they act and behave, how they express feelings, emotions, how they communicate and how they connect with other people. I like observing everything, especially people. I always watch their body language, face expressions and eyes. These things say so much about a person, it’s insane! This is why sometimes I can predict what my friends will say or what they have in mind but don’t say out loud. Hehe makes me kind of dangerous? Be aware! Ah, this is funny~

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about people, their behaviours and relationships between friends. For the past few months I’ve been forced to think about my future, my own path, my desire and passion for… what? That question had to be answered and because of some unexpected discoveries (a very warm and sincere thank you to myself for this accident and for leaving all the prejudice aside), I managed to find few answers which at least show me the direction now. To connect all of this, it involves people and relationships. I hope I cleared up a bit the topic for today! If not, huh, bear with me please!

First off, let’s make a point that I want a group of people in my life. You know, that all-for-one-and-one-for-all kind of team. Since I strongly believe in teamwork, having these people would let all of us move mountains! Imagine if all of us went the same direction, had similar goals and also were really good friends… Gawd, I really really like the idea of a team, crew, group, squad, you name it.

As I mentioned before, I observe so much and I made a clear image of what a perfect relationship would look like to me. Therefore, I made a list! (Yeah, I do those things =^^=)

Bye, competition –

I know this issue can ruin relationships. Particularly between girls. We do like to compete, right? Who’s prettier, who can do better, who knows this better, who has more skill… no! To be able to leave the whole competing aside and acknowledge friends’ achievements, also learn from them – this is the beauty of a relationship;

Compromise –

Letting go of categorical opinions is a huge step. I often get so annoyed when someone doesn’t even let you finish you talk and just states: “Well no, I don’t think that way”. Okay, everyone has opinions but listening to others and discussing different points of view is so teamwork-ish that it can lead to amazing ideas and decisions;

Similar goals –

I find it so beautiful when people have similar goals (field of interest remains the same but the goals can differ so so much) and they help each other! Maybe one has experience in it and can help the other, the same vice versa;

Spoken truth –

People who tell you the truth about you are the best. This way you can see your flaws followed by constructive criticism. I appreciate these this so much. Hearing things like that from people close to you make you want to improve and you simply go and start making yourself a better person. Undoubtedly, truth cannot be said without respect. Appreciate the person firstly, then tell the truth and the person will show appreciation as well;

Loyalty –

Friends who stick to you through good and bad are to die for. This kind of relationship with loyalty as strong as affection creates magic. Whenever I see this in people, it makes me really happy. I want to feel this one day, too;

Trusting each other –

I’m sad – I’ll run to you. I have anxiety – I’ll run to you. I want to let something off my mind – I’ll definitely run to you. Having someone you can pour your heart to is invaluable and heart-warming but having a few people – that’s a real bargain. Imagine those genuine midnight talks where nobody is judged and everything makes sense;

You got game? –

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH when friends don’t need explanations for their actions. When one starts acting silly and completely incomprehensible and others just join in, regardless of them understanding what’s going on! It becomes some kind of improvisation, haha. I can’t help myself – being silly as I am, I adore this really much, though no one ever understands me and I’m just doing most random things by myself;

Being mean does not always mean somebody’s mean –

Picking on people is necessary. It’s one of the ways I communicate. If I’m playfully mean to you – that means I love you. Let’s be honest, it’s entertaining to make fun of friends. Having many inside jokes, good and bad memories, knowing each other’s secrets – all of this adds up and makes the best jokes ever. Ah, being like that really enlivens the relationship and I couldn’t live with that. Being good friends means laughing it off and getting a few counterattacks every now and then;

You are cute, I am cute, we’re all cute –

I don’t know man, I like cute people. Can’t help myself here and acting overly cute is just a thing! Being cute and weird makes everything better, also referring to the point no.7;

^ All of this is great, I want people like this to step into my life but there is one thing that matters the most. 

Respect –

No genuine relationship can be made without respect. If you respect people, they respect you. Whether it’s a friend, a family member or a colleague – they all are people and they all deserve respect. I believe this really makes a difference.

Oh and I also want to work with my squad in the future;


Here it is, told everything I had in mind. Now I just have to find these people, haha! Setting jokes aside, this may sound like I want too much. I agree, nobody’s perfect and some of my friends can think I don’t appreciate them because they don’t have certain traits. No worries, I extremely appreciate my friends, even if I’m not able to show it. I cannot change them and even if sometimes I want, I won’t try to do that. You cannot change other people unless they want to change themselves – then you can just offer your help. That’s why I’m trying to change myself to someone who does everything that I stated above. I’m aiming to show more love and appreciation~

Being completely honest, right now I don’t feel the support from them and I’m totally fine with that. I know my friends have their own problems and worries and I’d absolutely love to help each one of them to cope with their obstacles. I’m also aware that I need attention and after knowing myself better, I can finally admit it. I know I’m not the most important person in the world but I’m quite important to myself. Whenever I get anxious (and recently this became a huge problem), all I want is to let it out somewhere but then again the expectations for getting enough attention are too high and I end up holding everything in. Those are scary times because everything seems to be wrong and quickly falling apart. At least I have sheets of paper and a pen. They become my only friend and I wish I could put everything to words more easily.

Now that I thought of it, I should work on it. Thank you for listening.
In return, I want to listen to you so please share anything from your mind in the comments ❤

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