August 21, 2014

Why I Shouldn't Get Ideas Too Often

This song is my jam right now, I recommend you to play it so you won't get bored throughout my story (:
I think I might be insane. Honestly, not even kidding. The title must be deceiving, right? Like, why wouldn't you want to get new ideas? They help to create, especially when I want to be an artist myself! Well, here's the deal.

When I catch an idea which can be DONE if I try hard enough, I keep it in mind until I make it happen. Not more, nor less. Sometimes this is bad. Nope, who am I's always bad! I'm the type of person who wants to do everything RIGHT NOW, at the moment of occured thought (this doesn't work with cleaning my room, doing chores and other similar activities. I wish it would...) and will be obsessed with the thought until it is done. Y'all want examples? Y'all get examples.

FOR EXAMPLE, I live with my brother in a tiny flat. One bedroom. One kitchen. Entrance hall & Bathroom. Boom. And this flat is so freaking old that the wooden floor panels don't look like wood anymore. When we first moved here from our fancy shmancy apartment where my mom still lives, this flat looked worse that it looks now. It had two-thousand-year-old furniture (yes, I'm exaggerating) and grandmother-type rugs. Ew. We threw stuff away, of course, and bought cheap alternatives to today's apartment trends. What bugs me, is that at the time, we weren't thinking wisely because now I know what I would've done differently to save space and have nicer furniture. Eh, too late, genius.

The point of all this is that today my mom and I went to the local second hand furniture shop. We still have two old wardrobes left at the flat that we don't need, so started thinking about how to replace them. Long story short, we went though three different furniture shops nearby and since I got so hyped of the idea of furnishing our flat nicely and throwing away hideous stuff, I couldn't stop telling my mom how we can change the surroundings. We went to a lamp shop and actually bought a ceiling lamp hahahaha. Knowing our little situation with money right now, this is surprising. I think I might just convinced my mom. Oh well, we got a new lamp!

Let me show you what's so exciting about that.

Here we have the too-oldschool lamp

This particular lamp has felt so many hits that I lost count. I hit my head to this freaking thing!!! Oh wait, that's no surprise as I once broke the whole bubble thing from another lamp while rehearsing a dance routine ant that bubble flew across the room...plot twist: it was made from glass (almost wrote grass).

This baby is our new chandelier! I will post pictures of it when it will be chilling proudly on the ceiling.

Back to the topic, believe me, this is what I do. I get the idea (or an impulse, name it how you want it, I don't actually know what it is either), it sounds fantastic to me, I want to do it immediately because why wait?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? Sad, huh? That's how mistakes are done. I forget everything around me and focus on the idea. I'm pretty sure my friends didn't notice that yet but there are obstacles with them, like parents, school, which I can't bypass. So I usually keep this hype to myself and sometimes give them hints but they are left unnoticed. This whole thing is slippery because I don't leave myself time to think about it, I just go for it. Well actually, that's how it was earlier, now as I'm older, I understand that the fuss shouldn't be impulsive and I have to think about it before making decisions.

I'm excited about reorganizing the flat! Including my wardrobe. That place needs hella loads of work!

If you got through all the reading (wow, you such cool right now), I want to share that I'm planning one or maybe two serious photoshoots (themed) and a few simple ones, so I'm excited because, like, NEW PICTURES, AYE???

↯See ya soon!✌

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