August 19, 2014

ME + PHOTO Challenge: Day 7 & 8

First things first (I'm the realest), these last few days have been HECTIC! Spontaneous trips, visits to the doctor, preparations for the new season are making all my time go POOF. So I've started thinking about always combining two days together while I'm doing the challenge. Smartass me, huh? (Lol, no) This way the posts will be longer and hopefully much more interesting :)


This will be so so short, like, I don't have a huge family.
I have only one sibling - my brother. He'll be 16 in September and he's the best thing in this family. We get along SO well, sometimes I'm even jealous of myself for it. He's a gamer and that's basically what he does all day every day but I know he's smart as well and such a good person. He's really stubborn and that annoys me sometimes but we get through it pretty smoothly. You could see his pretty little face in my '2 Weeks In Photos' post right here.


I came across my bucket list just yesterday while looking through old notebooks. That list isn't finished, oh no no no, I just need time to think of reasonable goals. Here's the top five:

  • Go on a road trip with my best friends
  • Become an artist
  • Learn to play drums
  • Go on tour with somebody
  • Do a front split (almost!!!!)
Extra thing from my list, this one is funny and I don't think it's achievable but who cares!
  • Get drunk with Niall

What are the five things from YOUR bucket list? Give me some more ideas!

Let's move on to the photos, shall we? I want to improve so bad at shooting but ALL of my friends are camera-shy and GUYS STOP BEING LIKE THAT, I PHOTOGRAPH YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL ♡



Trying to make getting out of the house as often as I can my routine

Yasssss, another two days, another satisfaction that I did it. I have a confession. I am so bad at editing photos! When I have too many photos to edit, my vision starts to fade and blur and twist and all these crazy things happen. As a matter of fact, I lost the ability to concentrate on one thing for too long so I guess those crazy things mean I'm losing it. OH WELL, AIN'T GONNA HELP FOR SCHOOL. #noregrets, people.

↯See ya soon!✌

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