August 14, 2014

ME + PHOTO Challenge: Day 4

I haven't been home the whole day and today's challenge requires a list of 25 things! I'm terrible at writing these but I'll try my best. Here you go!


  1. Write 100 blog posts
  2. Get back in shape and become strong once again
  3. Publish my very first video project
  4. Still not have a boyfriend
  5. Leave school
  6. Learn to drive
  7. Fulfil a night shoot
  8. Be able to skateboard without falling
  9. Change profile picture on facebook
  10. Do at least 5 serious photoshoots
  11. Get a new computer
  12. Get a new lense
  13. Decide on what university I want to enroll in
  14. Learn a hand stand
  15. Get that pearl necklace I fell in love with today
  16. Get enough exercise
  17. Become more confident
  18. Step into a new level of photography
  19. Pass final exams
  20. Be involved in some kind of a local project
  21. Improve my social skill
  22. Dye my hair
  23. Make something fully DIY
  24. Fix my eating habits
  25. Get ready to party hard on my birthday!
Oh wow, I did it! 25 things to do until my 19th birthday. You know what? On the day of my birthday or the day after it, I will post an entry about this list. We'll see how many I will fulfil. I'm getting curious and excited right now!


Found these on the bed.
↯See ya soon!✌

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