August 13, 2014

ME + PHOTO Challenge: Day 3

Back with a task! 


Too bad today was such a chill day...*sigh* Alright, so I forced myself out of bed at 8 AM. Say whaa? 8 AM in the summer?? Well, I can't sleep in for too long - I will be more tired than when I don't sleep much. Yes, I'm an early bird! Actually, I think I would've turned off the alarm and continued sleeping - what I tried to do - but the room was so so stuffy that I couldn't breathe. That meant I had to finally get up and open the goddamn windows for fresh air. The reason why I shot down the windows at night, was that tonight was very cold and I woke up in the middle of the night shivering like crazy! Not a very pleasant experience :(
Proceeding with the story, I then made breakfast for my brother and myself, almost burned my fingers. Clumsy, yes. I then turned on my computer and started catching up with some news, blogs and videos as I usually do in the mornings. Of course, time flies, so when I saw it was 2 hours left to our dentist appointment, I rushed to the shower and apparently been there for too long. Oops. Therefore, my wet hair was all over the place as we ran to the bus. But hey, we made it on time! #proudmoment
Got our teeth checked, I won't even mention how mine are doing. Just...too painful. Can't wait to finally get rid of my dental plate! Been photo chatting with my friend the whole time.
My mom works at the same dental clinic so after work she took us for a meal as we were starrrrving. Had a nice meal (I managed to pull out the medicine from my tooth. Oopsy) and went home.
Now I am sitting at home this whole evening but managed to change my tumblr design a bit and start reading this book about UK's universities. Such decisions, lack of knowledge of where to goooo...


Personally, I really like this picture I took last week. We were just chilling and my friend started commenting the clouds. She said she saw a frog but I see a dog, a rabbit and something I can't identify (from the right). Maybe...a plane? I don't know. Do you see something else? Let me know in the comments!

↯See ya soon! 

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