August 12, 2014

ME + PHOTO Challenge: Day 2

Hello on this wonderful Tuesday evening! I am continuing my challenges with day 2 and here is the task:


Oh wow, a whole year. Okay, let me think. Until next August…hm… I look forward to dying my hair. It will take probably half a year for it to grow back (I've dyed it before and now I'm just waiting for the dye to grow out. I'm almost there!)
Another thing I look forward to is this school year. Despite all upcoming exams and hard work, my best friends will start going to my school and it's going to be E-P-I-C!
I look forward to visiting my friends at university.
But most of all, I look forward to graduating. School was fun but I'd like to move on with my life now. One thing I don't look forward to are final exams but graduating...I can survive those exams, hell I can! Then school will be over and I'm off to somewhere. Oh, I look forward to moving. I have UK in my plans. Bear with me through all of this!


First things first, I don't do fashion. Nu-uh. Don't follow the trends, barely know them and don't need a pile of new clothes every half a season. I'm me and I do me. Whatever I find pretty, I wear it. 
Today I made a quick visit to the shopping center, so I wore simple shorts (fiy, they were pants like 3 days ago), plain white shirt and a sleeveless blouse on top of it together with a pair of converse sneakers. Simple as that! Also say hello to the beautiful bruise on my leg! Cannot skateboard for sure haha.

Wow, such a clean mirror

That's it for today, ↯See ya soon! 

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