January 03, 2014

Sketchbook Challenge


As you can now see, at the top right corner of my blog there is a badge that says I'm participating in a Sketchbook Challenge which I found today while hunting for ideas. It is an open challenge and everyone can participate in it whenever and wherever.

And whyyy?...

Well, since this year I'm going to actually do something, I wanna start right away. Boosting my creativity and ideas, why not? Also that I'm going to try animating stuff is really helpful with the notebook. Furthermore, I am obsessed with notebooks so it shouldn't hurt!

Since we reached that topic...

...lately I've become obsessed with YouTube. Yeah, I know, I should've been obsessed with it long time ago but I actually didn't watch many videos. Well, I've been watching PewDiePie for quite a long time because my brother is a gamer and he wanted to talk to someone about his experiences and just you know how you want to share your thoughts and joy and concerns with somebody? Yeah, that happens to be me for him but it's just fine because we get on really well. So, Pewds is amazing, I just love him and the way he speaks and jokes and all the things about him... but I've been spending way too much time on YouTube recently and eh, I ain't even mad! 
Found a lot of really cool people who everyone knew just not me (*sigh*) but now I'm better and I'm way better at being jealous (in a good way, don't you dare to think otherwise!) of their life and their equipment and ideas and the video making process and all that YouTube stuff!

I'm a behind-the-scenes person.
So yeah, let the creativity flow and I'm hoping to make a new sketch once a week probably. Oh who am I kidding, I'm going to torture the poor book with my lyrics and drawings (which don't mean anything) and sketches and ideas...while hoping it will help me open the creative side of me. 

V. xx

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