January 01, 2014

New Year Resolutions Anyone?

First of all, I really want to say


to everybody!

I hope this year '14 will be your chance to make a difference, to achieve something, to follow your intentions and heart. 
Be brave, be active, take risks and take chances.
Push yourself out of your comfort zone.
I know it will make a difference, just how you can make a difference in your life.

Now I am sure that New Year means a New Me, right? Even my moto of the year is New Year - New Challenge! But how to make this year really motivational and to achieve something? Well, I think different people have their own different ways to create their Resolutions or... to never create them. Personally, without any resolutions, New Year wouldn't be so exciting to me. That thought about achieving goals, setting up new ones and just moving on and letting go of everything that happened in the past year. 
But you know what mistake many people do? They start again. Do you see where it is? The mistake? AGAIN. You're doing the same thing (or, more likely, trying to do) year after year and still make the same resolution. Finish this once and for all. It's great to start something new but not to start it over and over again. You're strong, you can finish this.

So how should I make my resolutions for them to actually work?

  • Well, first of all, write them down. The power of a written goal is enormous. If you just say it, you'll eventually forget it but a written word has more power. Make a list of everything you'd like to achieve this year (this is actually also good for writing not only yearly goals but lifetime ones) and put it somewhere where you'll see it 24/7 (or maybe 12/7, what suits you :D). Constantly remind yourself about them and work it work it work it!
  • Remember that it's not a promise, it's a goal. Do not promise yourself anything because we all know how easy it is to break a promise to ourselves. Think of it as a goal which you have to achieve to be a better you! 
  • Be realistic and set up real goals with real dates. You don't want to be more muscular or lose some weight or be more social. It doesn't work like this. In order to actually be successful, set up deadlines and real numbers. For example, instead of saying be more social, make it something like have 5 new friends; visit 10 parties; befriend all co-workers etc. Real numbers show real goals, not just something somewhere :) 
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT THING *drum role please*......... Don't wait for New Year to come to set up goals and change your life. You can do this any day, whenever you feel like your life doesn't satisfy you. There's no bad time for changing your life. 

I hope you had a great celebration, even if you were alone. I wish you a great year but promise me that you'll be the one who makes this year great.

V. xx

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