May 25, 2014

TEDx Conference

I've known about TEDx for awhile from YouTube thanks to all social media and my good friend Caroline. It's such an inspirational event with whole bunch of creative and innovative ideas from interesting speakers with great and open minds. These kind of things fascinate me alot so when I saw that same conference is being held in my school, I absolutely wanted to go.
 I've always wondered what's the difference between a TED event and a TEDx event and what the little 'x' letter meant. Apparently it means this:

Oh, okay.

So all is good, this TEDx was held at a local cinema and the initiators were our school students and teachers! So at 2 PM on Friday, me, CarolineDomy and AkvilÄ— went to the cinema, got a check mark next to our names on the list, found pretty decent visibility seats and waited for the start.
I won't talk about every presentation since there were 13 of them and this would be a very very long blog post with very boring storytelling of mine! I can say that on the whole, the conference was a success and I'm very proud of the speakers who had the guts to go out there and talk about something they know, they like, they have interest in. And even if their English wasn't very fluent, even if they had a funny accent, even if they forgot few phrases or almost few paragraphs of their speech - they all did good. How do I know that? Because I was inspired by them and I think this is one of the keys of a successful TEDx conference. To inspire people, to help them grow and find new things, to help them go out there and get shit done.

The conference was broadcasted live but due it's poor quality, I won't upload it here, sorry!

Some speakers had chosen common relatable topics such as motivation, to be, or not to be and so on. But these were actually the most interesting one's, I can say! There's never too much getting deeper into yourself and finding that inner motivation and one of the speakers helped alot to realize this. Of course, there were a few speakers who introduced their favorite band and art form but there were some who didn't catch my attention. I have to admit, there were moments when we sat there, sighed and almost fell asleep...

Overall, it was an amazing personal experience not to watch TEDx through my computer screen but actually attend one. See ya next year, ted!

Since I'm here talking about this, here are a few TED talks about graduation and...what to do after it?
This is a daunting question for me too, since I'm in my Junior year. Take a look!

Bye and remember to always look for the good side and never say what you can show.

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