December 18, 2013


Yeah, I am still hiding. Even though I'm halfway through realizing who I am and what I want, part of me is still hiding. And the worst thing is, that part of me would like to offer something to the world but it can't, hiding seems to be a better excuse for everything.

I really want to keep this blog and I will keep it, it's just I'm not sure what to post. Well, I do know what but as I said, I don't have anything interesting YET. Although I'm working on it, because I don't really want this to be another hey-let-me-tell-you-how-boring-my-life-is blog. 
This actually needs courage and this wonderful thing doesn't happen to be a part of my natural qualities but I can promise, this comes within time and after a few years everything can be way different, way more interesting and fun. The opposite may happen also but let's not think in that way, shall we?
This comes to another reason why I'd like to continue doing this - I want to make people like you happy :3 There's nothing more beautiful, fascinating and inspiring.

The two main goals are:
  • to make you experience mainly good emotions
  • to write about everything that makes me experience good emotions
Keep in mind that these two things have a completely different meaning.

Have a great day, keep that smile on!

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