September 14, 2014

ME + PHOTO Challenge: Day 13 & 14

Welcome back (I say to myself)! Going back to school has been super busy, trying to figure out future projects has been more than super busy. So these things happened and now I'm on my way to the day 13 & 14 of my challenge! This time, I wanted to do something different with the photos, so I went back to the time when I found out about moving pictures and adored them so much that I absolutely had to learn how to do them. Of course, first attempts were total flops but now, after some time, I finally get it how to do them properly! Gives some twist to the photo challenge :)


There's no person in particular (except for Niall, lol) that I want to meet. Though, there is a certain, let's call it, type of person I'd really like to meet and have as a friend. I love being backstage and I admire band stuff. See where I'm going? :D Yes, I'd like to meet someone who was in a band, or touring, or having gigs so that I could see and experience the whole process! From rehearsals to setting up and from real performances to spontaneous chill gatherings. I want to experience that so much and meeting people who do this would be out of this world for me.


When I first read the topic, I wanted to say that like every person, I'm in a strong relationship with food but then I remembered that we have many serious issues, so now I'm confused. Let's say that we're in a complicated relationship but I love it nonetheless.


PHOTO #14 // EYES (more like a sneak peek)

That's it for today. I'm sorry for the delayed posts but they will come out pretty soon! I have to sort out my schedule if I want to do this full-time (almost).

And I am so excited for the new look! I have so many ideas which will have to come true even if that means googling "how to..." seven days a week. Aaarrgh, I will do it!!!

Thank you for reading :)

↯See ya soon!✌

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