July 28, 2014

The Long Road Ahead Of Us

June 27th was one of the best days so far.
Let's leave it like this and talk a bit more about June as a whole.
So every year when school ends and summer starts, everyone expects it to be the best summer ever with loads of trips, exciting events or simple friend gatherings. But one thing is quite predictable and annual - once June toddles towards the end, my facebook feed becomes clogged with whimpering posts about wasting a whole month of their vacation.
The same thing used to happen to me. Not enough activities, sleeping until noon, friends being busy and out of the city… well, not this year.
I think that every year, as schoolwork is getting more serious, exams are getting closer rapidly and we are growing as people, we start to appreciate and value such small things as vacations and relaxation. Friends, too. They're the most important when it comes to summer! So I want to share my experience because that night gave so much emotions and things to think about. It seems like such a small happening will determine my future actions and plans. I'm really looking forward to what's about to come next! I can proudly say that my June was not wasted at all and everything I do are baby steps now which I hope will lead to something big and beautiful.

Without any further ado, let me tell you about that middle night trip to nowhere.

In the afternoon I met with my classmate who I hadn't seen almost the whole month for some catch up. Came home and after a while I got an invite to go to the city centre for some event that's been going on that day. I'd like to mention that our city (or even town, maybe?) is quite small and there's not much is going on, even in the summer. So we went there with a group of really good and close friends and after a few hours of wandering around, one ear listening to the band's performance and getting myself a very delicious Raffaello-yoghurt-ice-cream, we headed over to Sandra's. You can guess now what happened there - echoing laughs (cough...Sandra), much nonsense and chilling until midnight.
When it was time to go home, deep in their hearts everyone was saddened. Unfortunately, you gotta go when you gotta go - my mum wanted to let her know when I'll be home.
We boarded up into Sandra's car and first off dropped one friend to her house. So, there was only four of us. We didn't drive home that night.

I had to text my mum saying that I was home safe and sound while in reality we were driving out of town. Stopped at a gas station, got ourselves a cheeky coffee (chocomilk it was) and watched a beautiful midnight mist hovering right in front of our eyes.

We spent the next few hours just driving aimlessly around the town. Then out of town.
It was the freedom. The freedom to go wherever we wanted and to do whatever we decided to.

I can't put it to words anymore. That night we started planning a spontaneous roadtrip across the country...which will never happen. And that's ok. All that matters now is the fact that we could dream and create, be free and feel the love of our friendship.

The ride got me thinking that we're in our road. We're not where we want to be, yet, but I believe we will get there. I will get there.

Nights like that make you believe that your life is in your own hands and no one else can change that

↯See ya soon! ✌

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